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This place has honestly changed my life! As an athlete and very active person I relied heavily on my body to be in tune as a way of life, and to make a living, all that stopped about 5 years ago when I got in a severe motorcycle accident. I herniated discs in my neck, broke many bones and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Since my accident for the last 5 years Ive had continual pain all over my body. I was grouchy daily because I was in perpetual hurt.  I thought I would just live my life this way and I was just always going to hurt. I was very skeptical of going to a Chiropractor because I had been to some bad ones before that did nothing. I gained over 40lbs in the last couple years because I couldn’t be active, I would wake up with pain. Running and lifting were completely out due to the excessive neck and back pain – My neck got so bad at night I couldn’t sleep. I met Dr. Aaron through a friend of mine that said he could help. I went in and saw him, taking him for a genuine guy, (that he is) and at that point I figured it couldn’t get worse.

Well that was the best decision Ive made maybe in my life. I have gone to Dr. Aaron for the last couple months and my neck has not felt like this in 5+years. I have been able to lift weights -run and even wrestle and BOX again!! I have honest to God zero neck pain at night- none. Dr. Aaron has honestly given me back my active life. If you doubt anything Im saying please contact me…  I can show you all my x-rays -pics. etc. I have lost about 10lbs already and am far less grouchy!! Ive been able to push my body and not get stingers, and not get throbbing pain in my head and neck.  Seriously impressed. If you have back or neck pain – or any pain in your body, I would absolutely recommend him to anyone! Thank you Dr. Aaron Kirking and all the people at Spinal Health Chiropractic !

Brett S.

This was my first time ever seeing anyone new out side of the chiropractor I’ve seen for years and it was a wonderful experience!

Nikki K

Dr.Aaron has a very sincere and caring personality.His approach to my needs for chiropractic was very detailed and I can say I always left the clinic feeling rejuvenated and balanced.He spends the time to listen and I always felt I was receiving the best adjustments to reach the most optimal results.I would highly recommend you take the time and get in to experience the best adjustments from Dr Aaron.

Jamie K

Dr. Kirking is awesome! He’s so helpful and knowledgeable.

Brittany J

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